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England in India, which was called the Church of India, Pakistan, Burma and Ceylon (CIPBC) after independence of India and formation of Pakistan. Most of the Priests and lay persons, who did not join the Spiritual Union of 1970 have continued the Anglican Communion in traditional way and got success to consecrate Anglican Bishops in valid apostolic succession.

Bishops are required to take care of vacant Dioceses. The Anglican Church is taking care to consecrate those dedicated Priests to be Bishop who maintain dignity and leadership as good Shepherds to continue in communion of our Lord Jesus Christ.

The Anglican Church of India (CIPBC) is spreading in India with good understanding and affiliated to the Worldwide Traditional Anglican Communion. Bishops of the Anglican Church of India are members of the Traditional Anglican Communion and attend the meeting of Bishops and conferences in abroad. The Most Rev. Samuel P. Prakash, Metropolitan of India has attended the Anglican Conference, Festival of Faith in Boston. The News published in American News Paper which is given as under as link.

It is very necessary to re-mined about the working and progress of the Anglican Church of India (CIPBC) while various decedent members forged to start their own Anglican Church to twist the title of the Anglican Church.

The following members were removed from the Anglican Church of India (CIPBC) in accordance to the Constitution, Canons and Rules of the Anglican Church. John Augustine, Gabriel Buxla, Johnson T. John, and Suraj Masih for their self interest. Such persons spread rumour against the highest office of the Metropolitan. Some say that Archbishop Samuel P. Prakash is no more, or he is serious in bed and all of them claim to replace the Most Rev. Samuel P. Prakash,Metropolitan. They misguide the Government offices and general public. We mustbe careful from these persons who are claiming to be Anglican leaders only to sell the dedicated and consecrated Anglican Church properties in their own interest. They are defeated in Court cases up to the High Court and Supreme of India.

Note:- The Anglican Church of India has its Constitution Canon and Rules. The Church is bound to run according to it. Those who are removed from the Church how can they establish a church and claim that they are original church, while one has no power to call any kind of board meeting.

Archbishop Samuel P. Prakash
The Metropolitan Anglican Church of India

Archbishop John Hepworth
Ex Primate
Traditional Anglican Communion

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Deerfield Revisited

Reality of John Augustine
Legal Observations
The book of "The Constitution, Canons and Rules (CCR)" is available in the office of the Metropolitan at St. Peter's House, Vikasnagar, Dehradun-248198.
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