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Reality Of Most Rev. John Augustine
So called Metropolitan
Reality Of
So Called Church of India (Anglican) (C.I.P.B.C) - (A Registered Society)

Anglican Church of India C.I.P.B.C

After formation of Church of North India in 1970, many members and Priest did not join the C.N.I. All Anglican members or Priest were looking the way to re-establish the Anglican Church of India. With the consecration of Bishop Jai Singh Thakore in 1976 and Bishop C.L. Parsad in 1977, who arranged meeting of Anglican Church of India and Invited Archbishop Louis W. Falk in 1982 to strengthen the Anglicans in India. It was decided to consecrate 4 more bishops in India. Bishop John Asa Prakashwas consecrated in USA.

The joint Diocesan Council of Lucknow, Amritsar, and Delhi were held in 1984. There after The General Council of Anglican Church CIPBC was also held at Delhi. Four more Priests were elected under Chapter 8 of the Constitution, Canons and Rules of the Anglican Church and three more Bishops were consecrated on 6th. October 1984. It was decided that The Office of the Metropolitan of Anglican Church of India to shift from Calcutta to Delhi and Archbishop Louis W Falk was unanimously elected Acting- Metropolitan of Anglican Church of India which is an autonomous body, General Council of India has power to elect its metropolitan and no one can remove him from out side of Anglican Church of India, so he remained the Acting Metropolitan of Anglican Church of India with the permission of Indian Government. Later Bishop Samuel P. Prakash was elected metropolitan. Since then Archbishop Prakash is Metropolitan of Anglican Church of India CIPBC.

The Province of India is the successor of the Church of England and Church of England in India as provided in the Indian Church Act 1927. The Church of England in India and the Church of England were separated by the Indian Church Measure 1927.

Anglican Catholic Church of America was never the successor or part of Anglican Church of India CIBC. After Independence when Pakistan came into existence The CIBC became Church of India Pakistan Burma and Ceylon (CIPBC). It is wrong to say that Anglican Catholic Church of America is the Successor of Church of England in India. Also it is wrong to say that Anglican Church of India is the II Province of Anglican Catholic Church of America. Anglican Church of India is an Autonomous Church that’s why it elected Archbishop Louis W Falk as its Acting - Metropolitan in its General Council in 1984 and ACC never appointed Archbishop Louis W Falk the Acting Metropolitan of Anglican Church of India. This decision was approved by the Ministry of Home Affairs, Government of India- New-Delhi.

No doubt in 1990, John Augustine was brought to Archbishop Samuel P. Prakash through the Rev. Suraj Masih of Christ Church, Lucknow. John Augustine was ordained in St. Thomas Church at Saharanpur by Archbishop Samuel P. Prakash who had appointed him in All Saints Church at Lucknow. John Augustine could not conduct Anglican worship in this Church and lost the Anglican congregation in All Saints Church. He was involved in selling Church properties. The Archbishop Samuel P. Prakash warned John Augustine and later terminated him from the Anglican Church of India CIPBC.

In 1997 John Augustine made a Society “The Church of India Anglican Diocese of Lucknow, St. Mary School, Para Road, Lucknow” and Registered on 30-9-97 with Registration No.1712/1997 - 98. Whose Jurisdiction is Uttar Pradesh

Actually, The Church of India Anglican (CIPBC) is John Augustine’s self made Church to Cheat Anglican Catholic Church of America and Common People of India, and misguiding Government, Government Officials and also Judiciary and Honourable Courts. He is more or less successful in his vision and plans to make money. No one knows what game of cheating he is playing and is making huge money. Giving image that he is the actual Church of India CIPBC.

No Church has given its property to this newly formed Church Society Church of India Anglican CIPBC, so how can he claim the ownership of The Anglican Church properties. And also he cannot produce any document to prove that his so called Society (Church of India Anglican- Diocese of Lucknow) is the successor of the Church of England or The Church of England.

This so called Bishop John Augustine is only throwing the dust in the eyes of others. He misguided Rev Gabriel Hembrom, Bishop Noel Hembrom Bishop Santosh Sagar Rev Johnson T John and many others that his church is original Church of India CIPBC.

The following documents prove that he is false and self-made:-

  • Certificate of Society Registration - No. 1712/1997- 1998 Naming The Church of India Anglican, Diocese of Lucknow. Address is St. Mary School Para Road Rajaji Puram Lucknow-17. Valid up to 29-09 2002, Issued on 30-09-1997, from the office of Societies Registrar Lucknow, Uttar Pradesh. = Annexure -1
  • Removal of Fr. John Augustine from Anglican Church Dtd 15th May 1997 = Annexure -2
  • Warrant of John Augustine from Police of Palm Beach. USA = Annexure -3
  • Warrant of Swapna Chatterji (2nd wife of Fr. John Augustine) from Police of Palm Beach USA = Annexure - 4
  • Report of Senior Superintendent of Police Lucknow = Annexure - 5.1, Annexure - 5.2, Annexure - 5.3
  • Lucknow Times News regarding John Augustine = Annexure - 6
  • Report of Ms Anjali Press Reporter = Annexure - 7
  • A young priest vision Building an ACC school = Annexure - 8
  • News - Paper Cutting of Para Road incident = Annexure - 9

Registered on 30- 9- 97 with Registration No.1712/ 1997 - 98 In the office of Society Registrar Lucknow Uttar- Pradesh

This so called Bishop was Vinod Yadav son of Z. Augustine resident of Ghazipur Bihar, baptized in Roman Catholic Church. The baptism certificate was not verified when sent to the issuing Church, which creates doubt of his conversion into Christianity.

He was jobless as he was expelled from Lamartenere School Lucknow, Rev. Suraj Masih priest in- charge of Christ Church Lucknow under the Chairmanship of Bishop of Lucknow the Anglican Church of India, Bishop Samuel P. Prakash, requested him to ordain John Augustine as priest for All Saints Church Lucknow. Bishop Prakash had condemned him as he was not fit in his appearance, behaviour and previous records, but Rev. Suraj Masih assured to teach and train him according to Anglican Church. So Archbishop Samuel P Prakash ordained him in 1991. He wrote many letters to Archbishop Prakash for finances to carry youths to All Saints Church as Congregation had left the Church because John Augustine could not satisfy them spiritually. Later CNI took that Church in their hands.

In 1989 Deerfield Beach incident happened and Archbishop Louis W. Falk left the Anglican Catholic Church of America. Later in the year 1991 he (Archbishop Louis W. Falk) established Traditional Anglican Communion with the following Continuing Anglican Churches. He was the first Primate of the world wide Traditional Anglican Communion and President of the Anglican Church of America.

  • Anglican Catholic Church of Canada
  • Anglican Catholic Church in Australia
  • Anglican Church of America
  • Anglican Church of India - C.I.P.B.C. (Which is the legitimate successor to the Church of India Pakistan Burma and Ceylon)
  • The Orthodox Church of Pakistan ( Part of the C.I.P.B.C)
  • The Church of Ireland (Traditional Rite);
  • The Anglican Church of Southern Africa(Traditional Rite)
  • The Church of Umzi Wase Tyopiya (South Africa)
  • The Traditional Anglican Church - England
  • The Church of Torres Strait,
  • The Continuing Anglican Church in Zambia;
  • The Nippon Kirisuto Sei Ko Kai (Japan);

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